Nathan Pendlebury
Nathan Pendlebury

Image courtesy of Phil Poole Photography

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I am a painter. I am not an abstract painter, and I am not really a representational painter either. Essentially I try to be something in between. I try and hover between the two.

My current painting process is organic. With it I am not interested in knowing where a painting is going. The painting always leads the way. Even though I have ideas and I help the painting along with this and that, almost always those ideas come out differently. It is about trying to create something, a glimpse, a new glimpse almost, and creating that glimpse without having to strategise too much.

My painting process relies upon layers, and therefore I am not interested in finishing a painting in one sitting. I like to leave the painting and come back to it, and when I do come back to it it is ideal for the painting to appear new and fresh to me, as if I am looking at it with new eyes, as if I have not seen it before. Sometimes though I do have to pretend, then I can pick up the brush and make and start again.

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